April Uploaded

New Content: April, 1944 and Historical Context

  • I’ve now transcribed and uploaded the April, 1944 War Diary narratives for the 459th.
  • I’ve added a brief Historical Context document (Thanks for the suggestion, David!) to give you a sense of what had and had not yet happened in the timeline of the war at this point. I’ll try to bring some material into the page for each month also, but probably after I transcribe all the monthlies.

New Tool: Search Box

  • I’ve added a “Search” widget, which should allow you to search for a name or an event or location (Twinings, Bucharest, 759th, etc.) and navigate to the narrative(s) on which it is mentioned.
  • I hope it’s useful, but please keep in mind that I have not spell checked all the names against official or unofficial rosters yet. I would appreciate any messages you send me to correct spelling of the name of a family or loved one that you know served with the 459th. Please be sure to send along source documentation though: this way I can know that I’m truly correcting, rather than just guessing.

What’s missing: Page Formatting, Graphics, Source Docs

  • WordPress strips some of the formatting away when I paste the files in from Scrivener (which is where I type them up and organize them), so the unique qualities of each of the Squadron authors (indenting, tabs, centering, that sort of thing) may be lost, but I can always edit the web pages and mimic the formatting at some later date.
  • I’d like to bring more graphics in, such as maps, photos, etc. I’ll see what I can do with that, but I also want to keep up a pace of 1 month’s worth of narratives every 2 weeks. So my first priority will be to provide the text content, and if I get ahead of schedule, I’ll go back in and play with graphics and formatting.
  • Finally, I want to make the original documents available so that you can go directly to the source if you want. We’ll see if I can find a place to host them.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the narratives!

– Bill VanSickle

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My dream for this site is to start sharing stories as they develop.

I am currently working on the following narratives:

  • 459th is the entirely true story of a group of American bombers in WWII. My role is limited to transcribing and organizing the scanned documents and presenting them to you.
  • Gullah is a historical fiction work I’m creating about a young African enslaved on a Sea Island plantation.
  • Another project (name TBD) regards a young Muslim man who was transported to America by a multinational corporation… In 1629.

As I discover these characters through research and the creative process, I hope to share them you.