Unit History: 759th Sq. 01 MAR – 30 MAR 1944


A.P.O. 520 US ARMY

14 April 1944

SUBJECT : Historical Records.
TO : Commanding General, Fifteenth Air Force: Attention Historian.
(through channels.

1.  Unit History of the 759th Bombardment Squadron (HV) for the period, 1 March 1944 to 31 March 1944.
    a. The present designation of the unit is '759th Bombardment Squadron (HV)'

    b. Changes in organization:
        (1) None.
        (2) None.
        (3) None. 
        (4) Executive Officer:  Captain Neill T. Masterson Jr., by SO #5, 
                par 1, APO 520, US Army, dd 29 Feb 44.
                Adjutant: George N. Cliett, by SO #5, par 1, APO 520, US Army, 
                dd 29 Feb 44.
                S-2: No changes.
                S-3: No changes.
                S-4: Captain Smallwood B. Hargis, by Squadron Order #11, 
                APO 520, US Army, dd 21 March 44.

    c. Strength.                Increase
        Beginning of Mo.                Decrease    End of Month
            Date    O   EM  O   EM  O   EM                      
      1 March     88  386 1   -2  89  383

    d. Stations:
        No changes this month.

    e. Movements:
        No movements this month.

    f. Campaigns:
                    Italian Campaign, still in progress.

    g. Operations or missions. 
            (1) Number of sorties--118
            (2) Number of missions--14.
            (3) Tactical results of missions set forth in Group History 
                    which covers this Squadron also.


    i.      Losses in Action.
                    These O and EM listed as MIA. 
Henry D. Rutters2nd LtAnzio Beachhead3 March
Halbert P. Brown Jr.2nd LtAnzio Beachhead3 March
Aldo Misik2nd LtAnzio Beachhead3 March
Philip B. KleinF/OAnzio Beachhead3 March
John N. StoutS/SgtAnzio Beachhead3 March
John D. HarriganS/SgtAnzio Beachhead3 March
Eugene H. WarrenS/SgtAnzio Beachhead3 March
Frederic SiegristS/SgtAnzio Beachhead3 March
William SpringettS/SgtAnzio Beachhead3 March