War Diary: 756th Sq. (June 1944)


1 — No mission today. Promotion list came out. Among our oldsters who hit the jackpot were Flight Chief John Corbin, who made master, and among the gents ac? sporting two rockers, we find radio operators D. Dersheimer, W. Martin, J. Williams and H. Woodson.

2— Planes grounded again today. Special orders show new crews assigned. They are Lieutenants G. Daron, L. Holskey, J. Souter, and C. Cosseboom. Welcome to the 756th You’ve joined an outfit, whose record showed most planes over the target and most bombs dropped since combat operrations commenced on March 2.
3 — Today’s mission indicates that there is no such thing as a milk run or a cinch until the mission is completed. Anticipating an easy time, the group led by J. Christy ran into one of the most concentrated flak barrages they ever encountered. Our eleven planes returned but were badly shot up.
5 – We blasted Genoa yesterday. Results were believed to be good. Flak was slight and all of our planes returned. This morning, Lt. Lake and crew left for Capri.
7 — Ten of our planes bombed Vado Liguri in northern Italy. No enemy fighters, but some flak was encountered. Results are undetermined … Co-pilot Murphey was commissioned today. Congratulations, lieutenant.
10 – The target for today was Ferrara, Italy. No flak, no fighters. Bombing results are believed to be good… Lt. Naylor and crew left for Capri, whil three members of the ground crew departed for a rest at San Spirato. They were T/Sgt. Davies, Cpl. Dinamore, and S./Sgt Irb. Sgt. Davies’ “Fighting Mudcat” completed her twenty-third consecutive mission today. Nice going, Davie. Keep up the good work, and lets see if we can’t set some kind of record.
11 — Eleven of our planes attached dock installations at Gurgui, Rumania. No enemy aircraft were seen and some flak encountered. Bombing results appeared to be good. All of our planes returned… The EM softball team hit their way to an 11-6 triumph over the GI’s of the 757th. . . Maj. Christy and some of the staff personnel left for Cairo today. Lts. Gallagher, Lawson and C.M. Anderson left for a holiday at Villagio Mancuso.
13 — Munich was the target for today. Heavy flak and some fighters were encountered. Bombing results were believed to be good. All of our planes returned. The popular “Captain Jack” Tompkins was transferred to the 758th today, as squadron commander. Sorry to lose a swell operations officer, but Captain Jack is deserving of the break. The 758th now has three former staff officers of our squadron. In addition to Capt. Tompkins, there is Capt. Warren and Lt. Kirsch who were transferred some time ago.
16 — Our planes bombed oil refineries at Vienna. Intense flak and some enemy fighters were encountered. The bombing results brought a Wing Commendation. . . . Capt. Reed went down with the 756th crew aboard. Lts. Bloom and Glazanowski were on their 50th mission. It is believed that most of them are safe since 9 chutes were seen.
18 — We bombed Munich again today. Flak and fighters were encountered. Several of the fighters were destroyed. The bombing results were obscured by clouds. . . . The “Brass Row” softball team clinched the group title by outslugging the 759th Officers 14-8. Drinks at the EM club were on Capt. Hamilton tonight as a result of his recent promotion.
20 – Lt. Johns’ subject for his weekly talk was the Invasion. An up-to-the-minute resume of the results so far and a few off the records predictions were made by Lt. Jones. It was purely speculation and he refuses to be quoted.
22 — Ten of our planes attacked an important truck assembly plant at Turino, Italy. There was no enemy aircraft, but moderate accurate flak was experienced. Bombing results appeared to be excellent and all of our planes returned. . . . 1st Lt. H. B. Williams and the 2nd Lt. G.H. Becraft and crews joined out outfit today. . . The EM softball team drubbed the Guard Squadron by a score of 8-0.

24 — Our boys visited Croivo, Rumania today. The bombing results on the marshalling yards are uncertain. It can be listed as one of our rare milk runs since no fighters or flak was encountered.. . . Fresh cucumber and onion salad found its way into the evening chow line. Made quite a hit.. Cooks, Please Note.
25 — Ten of our planes attacked marshalling yards at Avignon, France. Some flak and fighters were experienced. Bombing results are supposed to have been good. All of our planes returned… The “Fighting Mudcat” chalked up her 37th straight.. . . Capt. Stewart and Lt. Cannon left on a rest leave.
26 — Our planes participating in today’s mission over Moosbierbaum oil refineries (NE of Vienna) met the stiffest opposition encountered in many weeks. Intense, accurate, and heavy flak, and many aggressive enemy fighters supplied the fireworks. Lt. Stout and crew landed at Foggia with hundreds of flak holes and a dead radio operator aboard. The casualty was S/Sgt. James Clark, who was hit in the chest by flak while firing a waist gun. . . . An Italian variety show was presented at the field this afternoon and evening. It was one of the most enjoyable we’ve seen yet. . . . Lt. Apperson and crew returned from Capri.
27 — The 756th group champs met our EM softball team in a post season tussle. The score was 8-2. . . . Regular mission was cancelled and a practice mission was held instead.
28 — Ten of our planes hit an airdrome at Karlova, Bulgaria. The results were considered to be good. The flak was slight and no enemy fighters were seen. . . . Chow Highlight: Chicken for supper.
30 — Maj. Christy, leading the group, received the recall signal only twenty minutes from the target today. Bad weather was the cause. . . . Some good old American beer found its way into the EM Club this evening. The ration permitted each man to have four cans. We’re told it will be a regular feature in the future. . . Happy days are here again.


Cpl. J. Jaffe