SUBJECT: Compliance with AR 345-105 (30 December 1944)

Washington 25, D.C.

AG 314.7 (29 Dec 43)                    30 December 1943.

SUBJECT: Compliance with AR 345-105.

TO     :   Commanding Generals, All Theaters, Sixth Air Forces, Eleventh Air Force, Antilles Air Command, and 24th Composite Wing.

    1.  Attention is drected to AR 345-105 as amended by Changes No. 3, 9 March 1943; to AAF Regulation 20-8, 19 July 1943; and to Memorandum No. W345-21-43, 3 August 1943. Therein are drectives to the affect that there will be prepared complete and accurate histories of every phase of activity of every unit of the U. S. Army Air Forces.

    2.  The failure of the several air forces to comply with the provisions of the above has been due in part to a lack of professionally trained historical officers.

    3.  The Commanding General, Army Air Forces, will forward technical instructions and circulars appropriate to the preparation of organizational histories.

    4.  At such times as is feasible, properly trained historical officers, dispatched by the Commanding General, Army Air Forces, will be attached to the A-2 sections of your command on a temporary duty basis for the purpose of instructing personnel of all echelons in historical procedures.

    5.  The commanding generals, all theaters will insure the distribution of this letter to all Army Air Forces units and organizations not under the control of Army Air Forces or air commands in theaters of operations.

    By order of the Secretary of War:

                        /s/  J. A. Ulio
                         /t/ J.A. Ulio
                          Major General,
                         The Adjutant General.

Copies furnished:
   Commanding General, Army Air Forces.
Reproduced by Hq, AAFSC/MTO 13 January 1944.
     6 Copies 12th AF
     6 Copies 15th AF
     6 Copies XIII AFSC
     6 Copies XV AFSC
Reproduced by Headquarters,
Fifteenth Air Force, 20th January 1944.
1 – Ea Tactical Gp; 1 – Ea Tactical Sq.