Subject : Historical Records (25 February 1944)


A-2 SECTION                APO 520

25 February 1944
Subject    :    Historical Records
To    :    S-2  454th Bomb Group, APO 520
S-2 455th Bomb Group, APO 520
S-2 456th Bomb Group, APO 520
S-2 459th Bomb Group, APO 520
Historical Officer, 301st Signal Company Wing, APO 520

1.  In compliance  with AF 345-105, as amended 9 March 1943, organizational histories of each group and squadron and equivalent units will be prepared and forwarded as directed by Memorandum No. 45-10  Hq, XV AF, 24 December 1943, and in accordance with instructions set forth in Overseas Historical Offices Circular No. 1 Hq, AAF, 19 November 1943.

2. Unit Commanders are responsible for the compilation of the history of the unit and the supporting historical data. The intelligence section of each group and squadron and equivalent units, will include an office or officers especially designated as the unit historian to assist the Commanding Officer on matters pertaining to the unit history. In groups and squadrons the duties of historian may be assigned in addition to other duties, but the function of thhe historian will be a primary duty.

3. In conformity with Par. D. Memo. No. 15-10, XV AF, three copies of the history and two copies of the War Diary, which are to be forwarded monthly, will be sent so as to arrive by the 15th of each month. Such other documents, photographs and items as are required for historical purposes will be transmitted whenever possible.

4. Units are responsible for furnishing the material specified covering period subsequent to arrival in the theatre except in the case of the history which will cover from date of activation.

H. V. Williams, JR,
Lieutenant Colonel, AG
AC of S, A-2