Unit History: 459th Group (MAR 1944)


Office of the Group Historian
A.P.O. 520

14 April 1944

SUBJECT : Historical Records.
TO : Commanding General, Fifteenth Air Force: Attention Historian. (through Channels).

  1. Unit History of the 459th Bombardment Group (HV) for the period, 1 March 1944 to 30 March 1944.
    • a. The present designation of the unit is 459th Bomb Group (HV), 304th Bomb Wing.
    • b. There have been no Organizational changes.
      • (1) None.
      • (2) None.
      • (3) Lt. Col. Casey became Deputy Group Commander vice Major Elbert N. James, 13 March 1944, by SO #34, 304th Bomb Wing.
      • (4) Capt. Magnus F. Susemiehl became S-4 vice Lt. Lewis, by SO113, 23 Dec. 1943, 1st Bomber Command.
    • c. Strength For March
Beginning of M.IncreaseDecreaseEnd of Month


d. Giulia No. 1, Cerignola, Italy.

e. None.

f.   Italian Campaign, still in progress.

g.   Operations.
    (1) Missions Flown      Sorties Flown
            756 B.S. 14     128
            757 B.S. 14     115
            758 B.S. 14     115
            759 B.S. 14     118
  • 1 –

Historical Records, 14 April 1944 Con’t)


Mar 2: 36 planes dropped 42 tons of frags on Velletri Town; results not good. Some flak experienced.

Mar 3: 36 planes dropped 35 tons of frags on Viterbo Main A/D; overcast prevented observation. Flak and fighters encountered; 2 planes lost

Mar 7: 38 planes dropped 310 500-pounders on Viterbo Main A/D with good results; oil dump and hangar hit. Moderate flak experienced.

Mar 11: 38 planes dropped took off for Prato M/Y. 26 returned early because of ewather; 10 planes continued on to target and dropped 100 500-pounders on target; majority of bombs fell east but many good hits observed. No flak or fighters.

Mar 15: 36 planes joined other units for tactical support bombardment of Cassino, dropping full load on City.

Mar 17: 39 planes dropped 138 tons of frags on Maniago B/G; many hits on target seen and 5-7 planes destroyed on ground

Mar 19: 33 planes started for Steyr-Daimler A/C Factor but because of weather bombed Flagenfurt A/D and scored substantial number of hits. Flak and fighters opposition heavy.

Mar 22: 36 planes took off for Verona East M/Y but because of weather bomobed Bologna M/Y, good number of hits. One A/C seriously damaged by Flak.

Mar 24: 37 Planes took off for Steyr-Daimler A/C Factory but because of weather bombed Rimini M/Y. Some damage done but traffic not entirely blocked. Some flak and aggressive fighters experienced.

  • 2 –
    Historical Records, 14 April 1944 (Con’t)

Mar 26: 35 planes took off for Steyr-Daimler but weather forced all back.

Mar 28: 36 planes bombed Verona East M/Y with good results; intense flak and fighters met; 2 planes seriously damaged.

Mar 29: 35 planes bombed Milan-Lambreate M/Y with good results; no flak or fighters.

Mar 30: 33 planes bombed industrial portion of Sofia with good results; flak and fighters encountered.
h. Commanding Officer in important operations: Lt. Col. Marden H. Munn.
i. Losses: None.
j. Members who have distinguished themselves: None.

  1. Enclosed is the War Diary of this Unit for the period March 1 to 31 March 1944.

Robert T. Herz,
1st Lt., Air Corps,
Group Historian.
314.7 B-AK-1 1st. Ind.


TO: CG., Fifteenth Air Force, APO 520.

    1.      Contents noted.

            For the Commanding Officer: 

1 Incl.
Incl. 1- War Diary.
Harold G. Wilson
Captain, AGD

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