War Diary: 757th (May, 1944)

Source: 1189-1192:1944.05.31 757th Sq. War Diary

Office of the Squadron Historian
A.P.O. #520

31 May 1944


May 1 —  The outstanding event of the day was the opening of the new Enlisted Men’s Club. The bar did an exceedingly rushing business and sold out at a fairly early hour. An orchestra from Cerignola added to the entertainment for the evning. Guests from the 459th Bombardment Group were Lt. Col. Cacey, Lt. Col. Lively and Lt. Col. Clarvoe. Many of the squadron officers visited the club and were highly pleased with the arrangements.
A new combat crew was assigned to our squadron consisting of 2nd Lts. Bob E. French, Sam J. Edrales, ?ren D Bragden and F/O Karl W. Neely; S/Sgts. Everett H. Dutton, Paul J. Vesevo; Sgts. Howard H. ??lker, Thomas ?. Blessing, Martin J. O’Toole and Robert J. Thomson.
1st Lt. Hewby, 2nd Lts. Blain, Sheppard and Wampler; T/Sgt. Andreshak, S/Sgts. Adkins, Webster and Miller; and Pfc. Hanley left today to enjoy a rest at the Isle of Capri.

2 — A new combat crew was assigned to our squadron consisting of 2nd Lts. Horace E. Allett, Les Carlton, Elijah V. Gordy, and Adam Wiley; Sgts. Edwin Benvenist?, John T. Beven, Glenmore R. Wickham, William E. Battelle, Thomas P. Whyte and Cpl. Clement E. Pless.

3 — Nothing unusual to report.

4 — Major General Nathan F. Twining, Commanding General of the 15th Air Force visited the 459th Bombardment Group to award the Distinguished Flying crosses to certain members who participated in the excellent bombing of Bad Veslau, Austria. The recipients of this squadron were: Captain Opper, 1st Lt. M??tch, 2nd Lt. Harnett and 2nd Lt. Wampler. 

5 — It was a happy day today for many enlisted men. The orders for promotions were announced with sixty (60) non-commissioned officers being promoted to higher grades and 12 privates being promoted to Pfc’s.
Lt. Mosby and his crew returned today from the Capri Rest Camp and from the looks of their happy faces, it is evident that they had a good time.
2nd Lts. Hood, Gorgonde, Stacy, Harrison, 1st Lt. McLaughlin and T/Sgt Commer, S/Sgts. Dennison, Colburn, Kelly and Sgts Boone, Bailey and Doss left today for the Capri Rest Camp.
S/Sgt Uriel R. Heff was wounded in today’s mission and was taken to the hospital for attention.



May 5 — Finally the weather has cleared and for the first time this month the squadron’s eleven (11) planes were able to flyu the scheduled mission to Ploesti, Roumania.

6 — Ten (10) planes participated in their thirty-third (33rd) mission today to destroy the railroads at Campina, Roumania. Unfortunately, Lt. McInerney’s and his crew failed to return.

7 — Because of cloudy weather the formation of planes returned without reaching their target except Lt. Goddard and his crew. They managed somehow to get into another formation and flew the entire mission by bombing the railroad yards at Bucharest, Roumania.

8 — Because of unfavorable weather, there was no mission. T/Sgt. Saba (Babb?) left today for the Spirato Rest Camp. 
9 —  Usual field duties. Because of unfavorable flying weather no mission was able to take off. The combat crews are now able to get plenty of rest until the next regular mission.

10 — Lt. Hood and his crew returned today from the Capri Rest Camp. 1st Lt. Kennedy, 2nd Lts. Green, H???tig, Rebich; T/Sgt. Beardalco, S/Sgts. Lawson, Valer, Ruhl, Fryer and Lewis left today fro the Capri Rest Camp. No mission because of bad weather.

11 — As per SO 115, par 15, Hq. NATOUSA, dd 27 April 27, 1944, the following 2nd Lts. were promoted to 1st Lts.Keaveny, Hood, Hawkins, Konkel, Gordon, Goddard, Fletcher and McHugh. 

12 — Usual field duties. After four (4) days the weather has cleared and ten (10) planes participated in their thirty-fifth (35th) mission to bomb the La Spezia Quay area, in Italy. 

13 — 1st Lt. Fred W. Konkel was transferred to the Detachment of Patients, 26th General Hospital as of May 9th 1944 because of an injury to his ankle. S/Sgt Martin left today for the San Spirato Rest Camp. 1st Lt. Gordon, 2nd Lts. Engquist, Coates,Hutchings; S/Sgts. Grap, Bates, Badowski, and Sgts. Harchieny and Jones left today for a rest at the Isle of Capri. 
14 — Everyone was rather happy today because several bags of mail arrived. Cpl. Willie Watson was only to glad to sort all the mail as soon as possible for its distribution. He was more than pleased because this time he didn’t have to say “Sorry, no mail for you today.”

15 — Usual squadron duties. No mission today.

16 — Usual squadron duties. No mission today.



(757TH Bomb Sq (HV) War Diary dtd 31 May 1944, cont’d)

May  17 — Cpl Willie Watson postmaster of the squadron is quite proud of his new post office. Heretofore, he has been operating in a tent with very limited space, but now he has ample room to carry on his mail sorting and distribution in his new block building. To add to the completeness of the new post office, there is a sign over the window “CASA DI POSTALE, W. WATSON, POSTMASTER”

18 — Lt. Kennedy and his crew returned today from the Isle of Capri, each one having a nice coat of tan.
A new combat crew was assigned to the squadron consisting of 2nd Lts. Eugene G. Crummer; Clifford E. Pifer, Albert G. Holman, James P. Abalce; S/Sgts. Donald G. Pratt, Vaughan O. Mose; Sgts. Wilia A Troutman; Wiliam M. Rober, Albert N Landsprager and James H. Kelley.

19 — S/Sgt. Martin has returned today from the San Spirato Rest Camp,  happy as he can be because he had a very good rest and an enjoyable time.

20 — Usual squadron duties. No mission today.

21 — S/Sgt. Uriel S. Reff who was wounded a few days ago has been removed from the ???? Station Hospital to the 26th General Hospital. 

22 — One of the recent improvements in the squadron has been the Enlisted Men’s new mess building and also the new Officer’s mess building. The buildings have been equipped with tables and chairs adding to greater comfort. The new arrangements have facilitated the efficiency and the serving of the meals.

23 — Lt. Gordon and his crew returned today from the Isle of Capri. 1st Lt. Hauch, 2nd Lts. Babb, Gaddis; S/Sgt. Bakrer, Butler, Hindle; Sgt. McCabe and S/Sgts Wilson and Yaus left today for the San Spirato Rest Camp. 

24 – Usual squadron duties. 

25 — 1st Lt. Lange, 2nd Lts. Thomson, Jason, Funk; T/Sgts. Laskowski, Barkan; S/Sgts. Ford, Goldstein, Tablotny and Hutson left today on ?? For the United States to enjoy a well earned leave. The bombardier, Lt. Jones, has 50 missions to his credit and the others range from 42 missions to 50.
T/Sgt. Galey, who left a few weeks ago for the Flexible Gunnery instruction in the United States writes that everything is working out well. 




(757TH Bomb Sq (HV) War Diary dtd 31 May 1944, cont’d)

May 26 — The remainder of Lt. McManus’ crew consisting of 2nd Lt. John D. Spargo and S/Sgts. ?inde? J. Marinipietri, Robert L. Henrix and Valray F. Bleach have been assigned to the squadron. These men came across by boat and when they landed here in Italy, they were assigned to another organization. Lt. McManus requested that he would like to have his original crew together and now they are togethwer again. 

27 — A large shipment of packages arrived today fulfilling the requests of the men made some time back. 
On a mission to Montpellier, France today, Capt. Opper and his crew are reported missing. Las information received was that they were heading for Corsica. 

28 — Capt. Opper and Capt. Keller reported that their forced landing in Corsica was without any injuries to any of the crew members and that the others would be back just as soon as transportation could be arranged for them. 
A new combat crew was assigned to the squadron consisting of 2nd Lts. Albert C. Hanning, Kenneth E. Reed (F/O), Frederick C. Lindberg, Walter H. Escue; S/Sgts. James W. Smith, Thomas J. Sullivan and Sgts. Robert W. Otto, William H. Sutton, Karls M. Sullivan and Warren S. Smith.
2nd Lt. Lennox Rene was promoted to 1st Lt. As per SO 135 Hq. NATOUSA dd 19 May 1944.
Sgt. McCabe and S/Sgts. Wilson and Paus after a good rest are now back from the San Spirato Rest Camp. 
1st Lt. Goddard, 2nd Lts. Kehler, Nader, Bartoletti and S/Sgt. Harmon left today for a rest at the Isle of Capri.

29 — Usual squadron duties.

30 — 1st Lt. Mauch(?) and his crew returned today from the Isle of Capri.

31 — Today was a good day because it was pay day. 
Another commendation was received from General Twining, Commanding General of the 15th Air Force, General Spaatz(?), Commanding General of the Strategic Air Forces in Europe and from Colonel Upthgrove, Commanding Officer of the 304th Bomb. Wing (HV) for the successful and powerful bombing of Weis Airfield in Germany.